Happy New Year!


When I began studying yoga with Elaine Wintman  in 1998 I was transformed and I knew immediately I wanted to share yoga with the world.  The stars aligned and I was on my path. For the past 3 years I’ve focused on being with my beautiful 2year old and growing as a mommy.  I now feel ready to spend some time growing my yoga teaching as well. I’m not sure how it will all transpire but I am setting intentions and know the universe will guide me.  


Elaine Wintman and Me at her annual Thanksgiving Benefit.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Neville http://www.elisabethneville.com/swallowtail/index.html

Blessings for a Joyful, Love-filled 2014 and beyond!  May you be Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous!

 Photo by Elizabeth Neville http://www.elisabethneville.com/swallowtail/index.html

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