I had baby Elisabeth last Wednesday night! I actually started contractions shortly after yoga on Tuesday and where I had contractions for a day and a half, I only pushed for 15 mins and I swear it was because of yoga with you!! Anyways, no more prenatal yoga for me, but we will see you for mommy and me soon!


I have been meaning to write you for the past six weeks, ever since my baby boy was born.  Despite many peoples predictions, I was successful in having a natural birth.  I feel that I owe half the credit to my doula and midwife, both of whom were wonderfully authentic in their cheerleading.  But I also greatly attribute the drug-free birth to the yoga classes I took on Sunday mornings with you in Arlington.  The breathing was important but what was most key was finding my own rhythm and keeping moving during the contractions.  When in the end, my midwife paid me the compliment of calling me “birth goddess”, I thought of the goddess pose, realizing that sticking one’s tongue out in yoga class is great preparation for letting it all hang out during labor!  Both my son and I thank you..


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your prenatal yoga classes at Isis in Arlington. I had my baby last week two days after my due date. He was 8 pounds 14 ounces and I was so glad for having done yoga. I think it helped me mentally during active labor and definitely physically during pushing. Even in the first ten days postpartum I often find myself thinking of mountain pose to get myself standing up straight.
I loved the class and just wanted to give you an update and say thanks.


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