Some of the music I use for yoga class

Globalize Yoga Rhythms compiled by yogatopia-features Jaia Ganesha/Dum Dum Project

Cup of Kindness by Nawang Khechog-Tibetan Flutes

Elephant Power by MC Yogi-hip hop yoga music but I use the mellower stuff

Mother Divine by Craig Pruess and Ananda-relaxation

Heart as Wide as the World by Krishna Das

Sri Durga by DJ Cheb-rhythmic electronic mixed ambient flows

New Moon by Abdelli- Middle Eastern

Anand by Snatam Kaur-Woman Singing

Chants with Manorama Sarva-Bhutesu “In All Beings” by Manorama- woman with slightly deeper voice chanting

Samadhi by Nada Shakti (with Bruce BecVar)-woman with high voice singing

Embrace by Deva Premal-woman singing kirtan

Yoga Spirit by Akasha-whole album with a nice flow

Shakti Yoga by Russill Paul

Savasana by WAH!

Om Namaha Shivaya by Robert Gass & On Wings of Song

Thursday Afternoon by Brian Eno

Amma-but of course!

Bombay Dub Orchestra

Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices by Sheila Chandra

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