About Tonya

In 1998 I took my first yoga class with Elaine Wintman and immediately fell in love.  At the time I was drawn to the easy of the physical practice and the way it helped me to deal with stress and anxiety.  As a dancer and runner for many years I was accustom to a strong physical workout.  What struck me about yoga was there was no competition; my mental response was important; and relaxation was integrated into the practice.   I used yoga to help overcome depression and an eating disorder and manage stress.

When I started teaching art to child with severe emotional challenges I felt it would be important to share yoga them.  I found the Yoga for the Special Child® training with Sonia Sumar in 2003.  When I signed up for the basic training, much like my first yoga class, I had not realized the profound effect it would have on my life.   Yoga was about to become an even bigger part of my life.

Over the next 2 years I studies all 5 levels of the Yoga for the Special Child® training, which lead to my first 200 hour Yoga Alliance recognized certification.   I began teaching yoga not only to children with special needs but also to adults.

The following year I decided to supplement my yoga education with a 40 hour Yoga Ed training.  In 2007 that I studied Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Labor and Delivery at the Integral Yoga Ashram in Virginia.  Following a difficult decision to put my graduate degree in art education on hold,  Elaine Wintman asked me to teach the special needs part of her Swallowtail Yoga Teacher Training™. It was her first teacher training and I was excited by her work with Body Mind Centering® and embodied yoga.  I signed up for the year-long training which lead to my second Yoga Alliance recognized 200 hour certification, which I completed in December 2009.  Swallowtail Yoga™ has increased my understanding of alignment and  anatomy.

I am dedicated to practicing and studying yoga.   I strive to offer the best quality yoga classes within my capability and knowledge.   Yoga has profound healing potential, of which I have had direct experience . I hope to help my students discover the healing powers of yoga for themselves within their own practice.

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